Masizakhe - FREE

The Eastern Cape city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, is home to a group of dynamic young artists dedicated to the upliftment of their community through cultural activism.
Motion graphic artist Kun-I Chang and documentary director Scott Macklin collaborated in documentary film "Masizakhe: Building each other", witnessed the journey of South Africans to overcome centuries of oppression and the the strength of the human spirit to survive and envision possibilities against great odds.
Free is a stand-alone project that excerpts three spoken words of three activists:  Malibongwe, Sindiwe Magona, Choge from the film and is reinterpreted by Kun-I in motion graphic. The three short spoken words motion graphics are Emotions, Fear of Change and Free, which deliver Kun-I's greatest respect to these thoughtful and energetic artists.

Task: Art Direction
Director: Scott Macklin
Producer: Angelica Salome Macklin

Commision by Openhand Reel